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Take a rhythmic journey around the world.

The LP World Beat Kids World Rhythm Kit contains everything you ll need to experience the fun of hand percussion! Latin Percussion has been bringing innovative percussion to the world for over forty years. This kit includes:

People have created frame drums since prehistoric times by stretching animal skins over simple frames of thin wood. The result is a shallow drum with a low resonance. The innovative X-Drum is Latin Percussion s reinterpretation of this traditional Celtic instrument in modern materials. With its durable plastic construction and patented head and rim assembly, it is easy and fun for anyone to play!

The most widely played type of frame drum today is the tambourine, which originated in the Middle East. In Pre-Islamic times, tambourines were played chiefly by Arabic and Persian women at births, funerals, and calls to prayer. By the Middle Ages, these hand-held instruments had come to be associated with wandering minstrels and jugglers. Today, tambourines can be heard in all musical genres . The LP World Beat Tambourine is made wit ha durable plastic body and bright-sounding hardened-steel jingles. The comfortable, formed grip and smooth edges make these tambourines gentle on the hands and very easy for beginners to play.

For thousands of years, rattles and shakers have added a zesty dash of rhythm to the music and dance of humankind. Inherently fun and easy to play, these ancient instruments were originally made of small gourds or pods, dried until the seeds within rattled when shaken. In salsa music the maracas have become one of the most important percussion instruments because they add a driving pulse to the music. The LP World Beat Maracas are made using modern materials, but retain the same distinctive sound and fulfill the same role n today s music.

Bells and chimes have played a universally significant role in music, history, and religion. Clapperless cowbells are an important element in Latin music. These cowbells are struck with a stick the tone being modulated by striking different parts of the bell and by damping (muffling) with the hand holding the bell. Along with congas, claves, and shakers, the distinctive patterns played on handheld cowbells are part of the history of, and are essential to Latin music. Traditionally, the bongocero (bongo player) plays this instrument in a Salsa band and all musicians lock into this driving pulse.
Latin Percussion World Rhythm Kit Features:

* X-Drum with stick * Tambourine * Maracas * EZ-Grip Cowbell with Beater * Introduction to Hand Percussion booklet

Authentic sounds * Durable construction

Latin Percussion World Rhythm Kit Specifications:

* X-Drum: 10-1/2 diameter * Tambourine 8 diameter * Maracas: 7-1/2 H, heads have 2-1/2 diameters * EZ-Grip Cowbell: bell is 3 W x 3-1/2 H x 1-3/4 D (at opening), 4 handle

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