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10" Lollipop Drum
15 Note Wooden Xylophone
2 Rhythm Sticks (1 Red, 1 Blue)
2 Blue Rhythm Sticks
2 Red Rhythm Sticks
3-Piece Hand Percussion Set
6" Lollipop Drum
8 Note Wooden Xylophone
8" Lollipop Drum
African Wildlife Play Set (Finger Puppets)
Ages 2 and older
Ages 3 and older
Ages 4 and older
Ages 5 and older
Apple Fruit Shaker
Avocado Veggie Shaker
Baby Rattle (Wooden)
Baby Rhythm Band
Banana Fruit Shaker
Bell Pepper Veggie Shaker
Black Wooden Egg Shakers (Pair)
Blue Chickitas (Pair)
Blue Danube Musical Waltz Dress
Blue Jambourine
Butterfly Play Set (Finger Puppets)
Calypso Steel Drum (diatonic)
Castanets (sold in 3 pair sets)
CDs and Tapes
Chickitas (Pair)
Chimes and Bells
Chimes, Bells, and Xylophones
Clatter Pillar
Colored Rainstick
Colorful Plastic Eggshakers
Contact Us
Dancin' Dan (Wooden Puppet)
Dark Brown Wooden Egg Shakers (Pair)
Drums & More Drums

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